XDownloader – A Flash Javascript Library

XDownloader is a flash javascript library to download files from server. This download library do lot more than browser via file download.

Created by Muthu Kumaran and Stephen TV

DEMO: See it yourself XDownloader Demo

XDownloader works fine in modern browser that has Flash support like,
IE 6, 7 and 8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

This tool can do the following,

  • Download files without reloading.
  • When file download completes, you can either redirect to different page or call/execute JS functions.
  • Parallel Downloads – download more than one files simultaneously.
  • Display file information while downloading
  • Cancel or retry file download
  • Validate whether user has downloaded the file or not.
  • Restrict number of times a file can be downloaded. ( Require server-side programming)
  • Detect Internet connection failure and auto retry for specified seconds/minutes.

This tool is an experimental work and still in development phase.

Suggestions and feedbacks are welcome.


  1. Nice.

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  3. Guido Lemmens

    Hello Kumaran,

    Can you tell me if this Xdownloader library is available for downloading (zip)? I love to try and use it in my personal website.

    I was searching for a while on the internet for a download tool like this. I want to be sure a user has downloaded a file in total (full length) and after the full download i can disable the download for that particular user, so he can not download the file again.

    If you have suggestions for other tools also, i like to hear from you.

    Many thanks!

    Guido Lemmens

  4. Looks good… nice implementation. :wink:

  5. Do you have the code available for download, or should we just use the source code?

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