My First HTML5 Canvas Box2d Animations

I created my first HTML5 canvas animation using box2d which adds some physics (the laws of gravity). I posted two demos which destroys my name (MUTHU) into pieces, look below

Note: For good experience please view the  HTML5 canvas box2d demo in Chrome or Firefox browser. IE not supported for now.

Demo 1: wait and watch demo Click to open demo in new tab


Demo 2: Click on the black area to destroy my name and have some fun.  Click to open demo in new tab


Do you like it? Please leave your comment below. I’ll be back with more demos.

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  1. Moorthy G

    Awesome, Muthu!!!

    Keep it up!!!

  2. Nice Work, Muthu
    Really Good..

  3. Nice Work Kumaran, the graphics are so smooth. Keep up and come out with more of such work.

  4. Great Muthu!

  5. Good creative thinking and nice work Muthu

  6. Really excellent work muthu…

  7. Really excellent work muthu…
    You always rocks man

  8. Thanks all. I am going to expand my work with different ideas. I think it’s gonna take some time…

  9. Nice.

  10. Nice work ,Keep it up. :razz:

  11. Ganesan

    Great Muthu

  12. well thought!

  13. Really nice.

  14. Supperr Muthu!!!!

  15. Gian Giacomo

    Really nice!

  16. Nice Work, Muthu

  17. really fabolus yar

  18. really fabolus yar.

  19. awesome really fabolus

  20. kavitha


  21. Thank you all once again. I have started next work on HTML5. Soon I’ll will be posting it.

  22. Good one :) cheers

  23. Awesome Work, Dude.

  24. joe shepard


  25. wow

  26. hi,

    Great job… like the usage of gravity..

  27. hi,
    does it require javascript as well



    Hi Muthu,

    The DEMOs are really Awesome…

    Thanks for Sharing

  29. Depression medication

    Thanks for that awesome posting.

  30. Nice work :) )
    Box2d is not a porting of the engine used to develop angry birds?

    Anyway, Well done :razz:

  31. Hello!
    That was excellent, well done!

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  33. Good Job keep it up :) :razz:

  34. nice work…keep doing

  35. nice job muthu…

  36. Nice work…!!

  37. good job!

  38. Looking nice! Proven talent :)

  39. Nice!!!! Teach me please

  40. its great effort man

  41. Really nice… :grin:

  42. Very nice

  43. :idea: Good work!

  44. Did you see the CPU usage? Try to create the same in Flash and see what happens.

  45. It’s cool MUTHU… :grin:

  46. did u do that?keep up the good work!

  47. amazing.

  48. Sandeep Kundu

    Very very nice… Keep it up..

  49. really looking forward to your next post!

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